Immigration as One Part of a Solution to US Economic Problems

Two days ago I wrote about the baby tourism industry on which a Rock Center segment focused:

Today a Wall Street Journal story highlights that allowing wealthy foreigners to immigrate to the US may be more of an opportunity than many know–under the proper conditions, of course.

It should be no surpise that many wealthy Chinese want to come here. It should be no surprise that many wealthy individuals from all over the globe want to live here. US policy makers can ethically exploit that desire to solve many of our economic problems.

I never understood why, since the 1960s, our immigration policy seems to be bent on ensuring that the least-favorable immigrants–from an economic perspective–receive an advantage over the most-favorable.  Most entrpreneurs, science and math PhDs, and artists would love to be US citizens and it is highly likely that they would add more value in their fields here than in the country where they currently live. Why does our immigration policy favor those who have not had that kind of success and who come here with more needs than contributions? It is only politics at this point.


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