Two Value Investing Blogs Added to the Blogroll

I have added two blogs to the value investing blogroll: Oddball Stocks and Whopper Investments.

Of course, I do not agree with every recommendation in those blogs and I have in fact passed on several of the companies that they have bought/recommended, but I think their analysis is thoughtful and they have a conservative approach. And, I am certain they would not agree with all of my recommendations either. As Buffett remarked about the Superinvestors, they each achieved success following a Graham-Dodd philosophy despite there being very little overlap in their portfolios.


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One Response to Two Value Investing Blogs Added to the Blogroll

  1. Thanks for the addition to the blog roll, I appreciate the kind comments. As a clarification in case it’s not obvious I don’t actually buy/recommend all or even much of what I write about. The blog is more of a way to capture details on stocks as I’m turning over rocks looking for a gems.

    I’d actually be really interested to know some of the reasons you passed on things I’ve written about. A blog is unfortunately not a very good format for a lively discussion, but I realize often readers are more interested in consuming than contributing as I’m sure you’ve found as well, it’s the nature of the beast.

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