Three Resources Added to the Value Investing Resources Page

In my search for video of Walter Schloss who passed away yesterday, I came across a terrific series of videos of several value investors giving speeches or in television appearances. The videos are small segments of longer talks and can be found on I linked to part I of the series, but continue to hear all five parts posted by 40procent20ar.

My only complaint is that the speaker is not always identified (although many are famous) and we do not always know when their words were spoken. I think if we had known, such as when Marty Whitman was telling the world in 2008 that there were terrific investment opportunities thanks to the plummet in the equity market, that the spoken words would have been even more powerful.

In the course of reviewing the videos, I came across an investor that I never saw or heard of before. I should not have been surprised to find that he was Canadian. Last year I came across a terrific biography of another Canadian value investor of whom I had not known–Peter Cundill–and it reminds me that there is more to the world of value investing than what occurs in Omaha and within a few hundred miles of New York City. The newely discovered Canadian is Irwin Michael. He runs a family of mutual funds called ABC funds, but also has a website for value investing called Value Investigator, which I included in the resources section. I have already gotten a few new ideas from it.

In addition, the portions of interviews of Walter Schloss show Schloss at the Ivey School of Business, which is located in Western Ontario and houses the Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing. I had know of the centre for a while but am only now adding it to the resources page.

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