Feelings of Guilt May Signal Leadership Potential | Stanford GSB

I have always struggled with feelings of guilt; maybe it is my Catholic upbringing. In my mind, at least, I bend over backwards to ensure that people feel that I am treating them fairly and if there is any question in their minds, I feel terrible. Many have used that against me, but usually only once. Knowing that I am vulnerable that way, I give few second chances.

In fact, I was often envious of people who seemed to have little or no feelings of guilt. I have come across several sociopaths on Wall Street who bullied their way to the top of the pay scale–people who contributed much less than their demands would imply, and who received much.

Now a Stanford study says that my feelings of guilt may have contributed to my own rise within the three organizations for which I have worked. Lloyd Blankfein, I am coming after your job!

Why Feelings of Guilt May Signal Leadership Potential | Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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