“…the prime directive will be to ‘lose as little money as possible’.” Jason Zweig Interviews Dean LeBaron

The WSJ published another excellent The Intelligent Investor column today written by Jason Zweig. In it, Jason interviews Dean LeBaron, retired founder of Batterymarch Financial Management.

“For decades, the name of the game for investors has been to make as much money as possible. From now on, Mr. LeBaron thinks, the prime directive will be to “lose as little money as possible…

In Mr. LeBaron’s view, the easy-money policies of central banks, including the Fed, have created what he calls ‘administrative markets’–in which prices are set at least partly by government policy rather than by market forces.

But, he worries, that can’t last forever. ‘In complex systems, the dynamics are predictable but the timing isn’t,’ he says. ‘It’s like adding a grain of sand one at a time to a pile: You can’t tell when it will collapse, but you know it will.’”

Dean offers great advice: “Look for the questions that are not being asked?” I try to think of these at least once per day.


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