Truly Honored by Jason Zweig’s Selection of this Blog

I am truly honored to have been selected by Jason Zweig of the Wall Street Journal as one of a handful of investors that Jason thinks are “Smart People for Investors to Follow.” This Margin of Safety blog can be found on Jason’s list between Warren Buffett’s Letters and Memos from Howard Marks, so I have good reason to feel honored.

Readers of my blog know that I respect Jason’s ideas, books, and columns on portfolio and wealth management, especially given his connection with the Graham/Buffet/Klarman approach to investing. Jason’s weekly column, which appears on the front page of the Business & Finance section of the WSJ every Saturday, is a must read for me and I hope you, too.


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2 Responses to Truly Honored by Jason Zweig’s Selection of this Blog

  1. Kyle says:

    That is how I found your blog six months ago.

  2. Kyle says:

    I think he had this on his site a while ago.

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